Volunteer Opportunities


Would you like to be a part of the largest 4-on-4 pond hockey tournament in Lower Michigan? The MPHC would not be the huge success it is without all of the generous help from volunteers. Hundreds of helping hands are needed and there are a wide range of volunteer opportunities. Volunteers are needed for everything from door greeters to score runners and ice repair. With the help of our many volunteers we can ensure smooth sailing for pucks, players and fans!



Volunteer Positions

Note from Mandy:  If you have volunteered with us previously, things are going to be a little different this year. Our new software allows us to handle volunteer registration, so it's not as manual of a process (yay!!). The biggest change is that we will no longer be able to let people specify which position to work. We have learned that staffing needs change by the minute during the event, and we have to be nimble and place people where needed. We will now be offering the option for an indoor volunteer position or an outdoor one. The descriptions of the positions are detailed below. As with everything else, email me with any questions!  Thank you for being part of the MPHC family!! We cannot do this without you.


Bartender in the Main Entertainment Tent: Serve drinks, collect money.


Main Entertainment Tent Front Door Staff: Collect cover charge, prevent people from taking drinks out of the tent, manage traffic flow.


Volunteer Check-In: Facilitate the checking in/out of volunteers for their shifts, ensure the volunteer tent is clean and there's food/drinks for volunteers.


Player Check-in: Facilitate the player check in process. Includes collecting signatures, answering questions, and giving players their goodie bags.


Runners: People available to "run" things to different parts of the event premises. Additionally, when positions require people stand their post, but need something, the runners are the ones that take
things to whoever needs it.


Ice Crew: Prepare and maintain the rinks for play.
Event Cleaning Crew: Empty garbage bins and keep the tables clean for people, and clean up after everyone leaves each night and at the end of the event.


Parking Attendants: These people collect money for parking.


Scorekeepers: These are the people who win be keeping score for all of the games. This position requires attendance at one training before the event.


Fire Monitors: Everyone loves fire, so we need people to ensure that the fires are still burning, and that no one is doing anything silly at the firepits.


Schedules & Standings: Enter game scores into the system so that they are accessible via the web and mobile app


Photographers: Using your own equipment (cameras, drones, etc), capture the event from an perspectives.

If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact:


Mandy Grabowski


** Please note that there will at least ONE volunteer meeting (no more than 2 hours) prior to the event. Some will require more than one. Out no more than three pre-event meetings.depending on how much training is Please mindful that me total commitment for volunteering is a minimum of one 4 hour shift during the event, and one to three pre-event coordination and training meetings.

Communication is Critical

If you register as a volunteer, we will sending emails to the email address that you use when you register. We need you to make sure that you are receiving emails, and if you do not hear from us, check your junk, spam, or promotional folders. We also post information on our Facebook page (for those who may be missing the emails). so please follow us on Facebook if you are a volunteer.

ATTENTION Youth Athletic Organizations

If you are part of a youth athletic organization in need of a fundraising opportunity, let us know! Your team can volunteer to work a shift at the tournament, and we will help you to achieve your fundraising goals.

If you would like to get your team involved in volunteer at the tournament, please contact:

Sam Iaquinto